How to fix iPhone App Store Error Code 1009

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Causes –
• One cause can be that downloading certain apps in your country could be banned.
• Or that a purchase couldn’t be made due to not having access to any mode of payment in that country.

Solution –

1. First Method:

  • Check the proxy settings in your iOS phone if it is set properly otherwise you need to change it. The proxy settings could be changed in the following way.
  • Go to the Apple menu and select System preference.
  • Choose the Network and click on it.
  • Select the network service that you use from the given list, Ethernet or AirPort.
  • Select Advanced and then Proxies.
  • If there is an automatic proxy configuration (PAC) file in your phone, then select “ Using a PAC file” from the configuration pop-up menu and then type the PAC file address in the PAC file URL field.
  • But if you want to configure the Proxy settings manually, then choose manually from the pop-up menu. Next select a proxy server and type its address and port in the required field. Tick the ‘Proxy server requires password’ checkbox if this is protected by a username and password. Put the username and password then in the required fields.
  • Now check again if you have been successful to fix error code 1009 app store.

2. Second method:

  • If you face the issue while downloading a particular app, then chances are there that the error is related to the app. So you can contact the app developer if this is the case, and they will give you idea to fix error code 1009 app store.

3. Third method:

  • If this error occurs when you try purchasing an app that is not available in that country and your IP address will be blocked, you can change the IP address by any of the app like Tor, freegate or HideIP.

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After all these steps you are still not able to download then you could try using MacKeeper to help you resolve this issue. You could look up for suggestion using their tech help feature. Hopefully, this will work for you. This tool will help you scan and clean the iOS systems and also repair damages due to corruption.

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