How to fix iPhone iTunes error 1671

Many times you need to update or restore your iOS device like iPhone, iPod, iPad and others to get rid of some unusual happening in the device. You generally use iTunes applications for this purpose. iTunes gives you a very good interface for the iOS devices to transfer, restore, update and other activities. You have to simply connect your device to the compute using an USB cable. Sometimes when you are going through some of the above activities then it fails and gives you iPhone iTunes error 1671. It happens due to the incompatible version of the iTunes or if iTunes components are corrupt or if the USB cable is damaged.

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What are the causes of iPhone iTunes error code 1671 –

Main causes for the prompting of iPhone iTunes error 1671 are as follows;

  • Incompatible or old version of iTunes.
  • Old operating system.
  • If high speed USB HUB is not there.
  • Outdated virus data is available in your system.
  • Many USB drivers are attached with the system.

Solution to fix iPhone iTunes error 1671–

You can go through the following manual steps to get rid of the issue;

  1. Use the latest and compatible version of iTunes on your computer.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a high speed USB device.
  3. Reset the virus data in your computer to avoid any infection in the system, device or iTunes.
  4. Remove the extra USB device if attached.
  5. Install the updated Operating system in your computer.

Using the above manual steps you will be able to restore or update your iOS device and you will also be able to fix the issue of iPhone iTunes error 1671. In case you cannot complete the process manually then you can fix it with the help of MacKeeper tool automatically.

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MacKeeper tool is the best tool that can fix the iTunes error issues as well as other Mac error codes automatically. It also helps the other applications to work properly on the system by enhancing their accessibility. You can also use this tool to make backup of the computer or iPhone data.

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