Fix Mac “can’t sync iPhone unknown error 50” Error

“Can’t sync iPhone unknown error 50” is one the most searched question on the internet these days. The error code 50 may occur due to the fact that a user has not updated the iPhone for a while, not to forget that it is not the case only with the iPhone, but also with iPad, iTunes and iPods. One should be checking for updates and update your device if there are available updates for any of your device. “iPhone cannot be synced error code 50” occurs when one attempts to sync his/her iPhone or iPod touch with one’s Mac. There are some reports that also apply to Apple TV when an attempt is made to sync with iPhone.

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One can try these troubleshooting steps, these may solve the problem – Can’t sync iPhone unknown error 50

  • Restart the device and check if it solves the issue.
  • Try resetting by holding “Power+ Home buttons.
  • One can try switching to another USB port.
  • One can make a restore using the iPhone or iTune now.
  • Finally, the problem should be fixed by now.

To deal with such problems, there is a workaround if one is facing problem with photos which can be faster but bulkier to execute, one needs to export all your iPhoto Pix to one bit humungous folder and sync your device to that rather than the iPhoto library itself. It may proved to be a irritating and giant waste of space, but since there is no better option for the time being, so one can go for it.

One can also follow the manual steps given below to deal with the error “Can’t sync iPhone unknown error 50”

  • Go to the finder menu bar, select Go – Go to folder, or press Ctrl + Shift + G.
  • Type \Library\Preferences\System Configuration and click over Go.
  • In the popping up finder window, there will be a file, named – NetworkInterfaces.plist, drag this file to the Trash.
  • Restart your Mac.
  • When the desktop appears again, open System Preferences and select Network.
  • Go to the location: Drop down Menu, and select Edit Locations.
  • Then click over (+) button and create a new location for your Mac. One needs to apply the settings required by your connect.
  • Finally attempt to sync your devices again.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

Persistency of the problem “Can’t sync iPhone unknown error 50” leaves the user with the only option to use the third party repair tool – MacKeeper. It can fix the problem in few clicks, rest you can see when you will use this.

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