Fix Mac error code 50

When users try to copy some files from remote disk to the hard disk then “Mac error code 50” appeared. This happens when you are logged in as a root user and copying of files failed automatically prompting an error that exactly says ‘Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (Error Code- 50)’. When you copy the file which includes doc, exel, txt, iso, etc with all kind of size then this error doesn’t appear. This error doesn’t show any failure of hardware or soft ware but it shows the incompatibility problem. So in order to fix this error you need to verify and repair the Mac hard drive.

“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50)”

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Symptom –
Here are some symptoms of Mac error code 50:
• The open application quits unexpectedly
• System gets start automatically.
• System performance goes very slow.
• Blue screen
• Incapable to open multiple programs at a time.
• Pop up blocking.

Cause –
Main causes of Mac error code 50 are:
• Bad sector of memory.
• Errors in driver or files.
• Virus or malware attack.
• Missing or corrupt files.
• Software is not compatible with the system.

Solution –
Here is a manual method which will help you to solve Mac error code 50:
1. Go to CP command to overwrite the files without warning.
2. Verify permission of target directories.
3. You have to change power adapter or battery setting now.
4. From the file name remover unsupported characters.
5. You should make sure that file size is not too large.

Now you can copy the files from any location to a required location. This method requires a sound technical knowledge. So you can use the most recommended tool “MacKeeper tool”.

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This tool can solve the error issue very efficiently. MacKeeper tool is also an antivirus which can remove the virus and malwares from your computer. It has a cleaning feature that cleans the junk from the hard drive. This tool can also optimize the performance of the computer.

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