How to fix Mac outlook 2011 data file is corrupt problem

Windows and Mac both operating system use Outlook to stores data and to access it locally. Windows Outlook stores it in PST file format whereas Mac stores it as OLM file format. Mac Outlook stores database with each identity in its own folder. This identity contains mail data including contacts, messages, events, tasks, calendar, appointments and more. In the situation when Mac outlook 2011 data file is corrupts then it is very difficult to access the Mac data file folder. As Mac Outlook serves as an alternative to save or to access the email, the corruption of this file like any other database is relatively very hard to handle.

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Symptoms –

There are so many symptoms that you can find when you find “Mac outlook 2011 data file is corrupt”
• Outlook doesn’t open and it stops responding.
• Outlook application for Mac quits unexpectedly.
• Outlook file doesn’t open.
• There appears a blank line in the mailbox.
• Outlook contact entries are not properly displayed.
• Appearance of a blank office reminder window.
• You will be unable to access Outlook for Mac.

Causes –
There are many factors by which “Mac outlook 2011 data file is corrupt”
• The main factors which corrupts the Outlook for Mac is virus invasion.
• Improper shutdown of the system when you are using Mac Outlook application.
• Upgrading of Outlook from its older version to new version is not done properly.
• Network failure when working on Mac Outlook to access data.

Solution –
Here is a manual method by which you can recover the corrupt data from Mac Outlook:
1. Open Mac Outlook.
2. Go to the file menu and select ‘import’ there.
3. On the import screen select ‘Outlook data file’. Click on right arrow.
4. Now select the Outlook data file from the list and click on import button again.
5. Press on done button if the import process gets over. In the navigation panel Outlook will display the entire imported files under on my computer.

This import process will be success if the OLM files are in good condition. If files are not in good condition then it shows errors. In this situation you can use “MacKeeper Tool” to fix it automatically.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

“MacKeeper Tool” is effectively designed to recover emails, messages, contacts, notes and other items from OLM files. This tool is very helpful if Mac outlook 2011 data file is corrupt.

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