How to fix office 2011 error code 18500

Microsoft has introduced Outlook 2011 for Mac computer in the office 2011 package. You can use this application for sending and receiving mails and messages. But sometimes it happens that when you send mails to your clients or others then sending mails gets failed and you get a very critical error message in the form of office 2011 error code 18500. Prompting of this code may harm the computer badly so fix this issue as soon as possible.

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What are the symptoms –

Main symptoms of the prompting of error code 18500 are slow Outlook processing, unable to send mails and other files through it, computer may shutdown suddenly, starting issue in the office 2011 etc.

What are the causes of office 2011 error code 18500 –

You can get this particular error message when there is a problem in the PST files of the Outlook 2011, if there is any virus infection, if the file or mail you are trying to send is suspicious, if you are not connected with the internet properly, if the entire office 2011 package is corrupt or damaged.

Solution –

Go through the following manual process to get rid of office 2011 error code 18500:

  1. Sign into a web based applications and go to the outlook 2011.
  2. Go to the Outbox and delete the entire mails.
  3. Re-enter the username and password in the Outlook.
  4. Now resend the mails.

At the end of the process you will surely get rid of the office 2011 error code 18500 but one thing you should keep in your mind that it is a manual method so input the entry very carefully. If the problem is not resolved then you must use MacKeeper tool to fix this issue properly.

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you can enhance the productivity of the computer very much. This tool is also responsible for the creating backup of the files.

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