How to fix “Partition failed couldn’t unmount disk” error in Mac

Normally formatting is done by the user to install new OS or to partition the disc drive. Sometime the system prompts the error message “partition failed couldn’t unmount disk”. This led to an embarrassment when user is going for partitioning, repairing, formatting or repairing the directory in the disk utility. The error also prompts like ‘Disc erase failed couldn’t unmount disc in Mac’, ‘Disk Erase failed with the error: Couldn’t unmount disk in Mac.’ These errors also indicate the users that their disk drive is malfunctioning and they need a new one. All these error messages have the same problem that faced by the users.

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Symptoms –

The common symptom of this error is prompting of message “couldn’t unmount disk.” Sometimes at a regular interval of time it sounds like click, tap or whirr sounds coming from the drive.

Cause –
The main reason of this error is modification of the boot drive or the use of boot driver is done by some other application or process. Sometimes the internal drive doesn’t be able to modify or unmount the disk and causes the error.

Solution –
One option to come out from this problem is that users can use other Operation System like Windows In boot camp but however it is not feasible sometimes.

So users should take the following steps to overcome on this error:
1. Hold down the option key and reboot the Mac.
2. Now choose recovery partition.
3. In the boot menu select “disk utility.”
4. Here user can go to “first aid” to verify and repair the disk or go to “erase” to format the disk.

This method helps users to solve the partitioning problem and now they will be able to format or partitioning, disk verification or for repairing. Apart from that if users are still not able to resolve the error and prompting of error message “Partition failed couldn’t unmount disk in Mac” is still continued, then they can use the most recommended tool MacKeeper that will surely resolve this issue.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

It has anti theft feature and an integrated support service that is “human expert.” This software will also optimize your system very efficiently. MacKeeper has a data recovery utility that also recovers the unintentionally erased file from your system.

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