How to fix “safari won’t start after update error”

Safari is an Apple’s web browser that makes your Mac computer very smooth to use. It is the most energy efficient web browser that saves the battery at a very good stage. But sometimes when you download or update the safari on your computer and try to launch then you get safari won’t start after update error.  Prompting of this error message on the screen of your computer is a very critical error so you should fix this problem as soon as possible with the help of a manual or automatic troubleshooting. You can also use MacKeeper tool to fix this problem.

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What causes the safari won’t open after update –

Main cause of the prompting of this error is the corruption in the safari web browser or if it is of the old or outdated version. Sometimes this problem also comes to your computer or iOS device when you download safari from an unknown source.

How to fix the issue of “Safari won’t start after update” –

  1. First of all check the internet connection properly.
  2. Uninstall or remove the current version of the safari.
  3. Now open iTunes app store and then try to install the safari again.
  4. You should keep in your mind that iTunes should also be of the latest version.
  5. Try to launch the safari application.

With the help of the above manual steps you can fix this problem well and prompting of Safari won’t start after update error also resolved. But one thing you should know that using this tool only be work good if you have technical skills. In case if you cannot complete the process manually then you should use MacKeeper tool to fix the problem.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

MacKeeper tool can repair the corruption in the iTunes applications or if the installed safari has some problem. Using this tool can repair the entire damaging and corruption and then the applications works properly on your computer or iOS device.

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