Easy to Fix iTunes error 21 in Mac

iTunes error 21 can be seen when a user tries to update or restore his/her iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in iTunes. When the error occurs, the error message says – “The iPhone [Device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred [error number]”. Many of the users out there also ask questions, like – what does iTunes error 21 mean? Answer to the question is – if one is getting this error, then it also means that he/she is trying to restore custom IPSW using recovery mode instead of DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode. So, to fix iTunes error code 21 immediately, it is advised that one should put his/her device into DFU mode, and then see if it makes any difference.

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We are suggesting some ways which applies to most of the update and restore errors, thus encircles the iTunes error 21 too, these are following –

  • You have got to update your iTunes as soon as possible. Get the latest version of the iTunes, and see whether it works!
  • If the fix given above doesn’t work, you can try updating your operating system. Check for the updates and install the available ones.
  • You have got to have a look at your computer’s security software. One might need to update the software, or even uninstall the same. First update the security software, if it doesn’t work, uninstall it and then see if it works. It might be the fix. So one has got to go step by step.
  • Also, one has to unplug or remove peripheral devices connected to the computer, except your mouse & keyboard. Just do it and see if it does the trick.
  • If you have performed the steps given above, just try restarting your computer and other devices now.
  • And finally, one can try updating or restoring the iOS device again. Most probably you will not have to face the iTunes error 21 in Mac again.

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However, if the problem persists even after executing all the steps given above, experts recommended that it is time the user must go for MacKeeper, a powerful recommended tool by experts to fix iTunes error 21 in Mac, sometimes referred as unknown error 21 and all those reasons due to which the problem takes place in the first place. You can get this tool for free for a trial period to experience its capabilities, and one can go for being a full time user if it suits to your need.

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