Fixing Mac Os X Server Error while File Sharing

Although using Mac OS to share files locally over a LAN is seemingly easier than doing so over the internet or shared network. But the problem arises when suddenly the Mac OS fails to do so. It could be very frustrating. You can open the Finder application see the file/folder you want to share but you could not establish the connection between the two Macs. This is what you should do when you come across this trouble.

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Symptoms –

  • Trouble in accessing files from the server
  • Failure in connection and downloading from the server
  • File sharing between Mac OS based devices would be hindered.

Causes –

  • It could be a failure in recognizing the IP address of the server or Proxy settings of the Mac OS in general could be incorrect.

Solution –

  • Close all open failed networking attempt and failed network related windows in the OS X Finder – this includes the
  • Network folder or network browser in Finder
  • After the ‘problem connecting’ error message appears, disconnect Wi-Fi in OS X from the Wi-Fi menu bar item
  • Turn the Wi-Fi back on again in OS X from the same menu
  • From the OS X Finder, hit Command+Shift+K to summon the “Go to Server” menu, and enter the target LAN Macs IP address to connect to
  • For Macs use afp://( target ip) and for SMB/Windows use smb://( target ip)
  • Click ‘Connect’ and the target Mac should be discovered, then login as usual, the LAN connection should establish as intended.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

Therefore, as you can see it is not feasible for most to try and resolve this error manually. It is best if for you to use MacKeeper. This not only protects your network and OS from external threats but also scans your system from time to time and optimizes it for maximum data control feature.

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