Fixing time out error: Apple event timed out (-1712)

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Apple event time out error 1712 can take place when an event takes abnormally long time to complete its operation. The Macs or most of the apple products are designed in a manner that if an event takes longer than two minutes, then the apple event manager reports a time out error with an error code 1712. The error code is reported to have been popping up while performing following operation on Apple machines –

• The user is using the FileMaker Pro Show to find records in a large data base, and
• FileMaker Pro represents a dialog box waiting for the user’s response/.
• An event takes a long time to complete when there is heavy network traffic.

For this particular cause, one can prolong the time duration after which the error code 1712 shows up, an example of such a statement that increases the wait time to five minutes is as under –
tell application “FileMaker Pro”
with time out of 300 seconds
Show (every Record whose Cell “product” contains “FileMaker Pro”
end timeout
end tell

Talking about some symptoms of the Apple event timed out (-1712), one can notice following ones –

• Strange noises from the system, of course device from Apple like Mac etc.
• Data loss.
• Mac disk errors.
• System crash.

Possible causes of the pages error 1712

• Corrupted catalog files.
• Unintentional file deletion.
• Formatting Mac hard drive accidentally.
• Partition of Mac hard incorrectly.
• Virus attack, and
• Hard drive failure.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

Finally the solution to the dreaded Mac OS system error code –
It is recommended to use a repair tool widely known as – MacKeeper, this is one hell of a tool to repair corrupted files and all those mentioned in possible causes. The user just needs to fetch the tool, install and run it, and one will get an error free system within few minutes.

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