What to do if iPhone 5 not recognized by iMac

It is very difficult to arrange the photos, documents, music files, video files and all other files on your iPhone 5 if it is not recognize by iMac when you connect both devices with USB cable and use iTunes. It is a very annoying situation that makes you frustrated. Sometimes to restore or to arrange the file in the iPhone 5 it is very important to sync it with iTunes. But when go for the syncing process then you get a very strange and annoying error message i.e. “iPhone 5 not recognized by iMac”. This is ridiculous that your iPhone is not getting synced with the iTunes. So go through some manual methods to fix this issue or you can use MacKeeper tool for the automatic solution.

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What are the causes –

When iMac doesn’t recognize the iPhone 5 then it is most probably due to the incompatible or outdated version of the iTunes. iPhone 5 not recognized by iMac also comes to your computer due to damaged USB cable, internet disconnection, incorrect virus database, firewall settings, if iMac is not of the latest version, conflict between the software installed on your iMac, etc.

What you can do if iPhone 5 not recognized by iMac –

  1. Go to the finder and type terminal and click enter.
  2. Now in the terminal window find the iTunes and then click to uninstall it.
  3. Now install the latest and compatible version of iTunes from the Apple app store.
  4. Check the USB cable.
  5. Check the internet connection.
  6. Connect your iPhone 5 with the different USB port.
  7. Reboot your iPhone 5.

By using these manual steps you will be able to fix the problem of iPhone 5 not recognized by iMac properly. But this is a manual method and it requires a deep technical knowledge to go through. In this case you can download and use MacKeeper Tool to fix the error issue automatically.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

With the help of the MacKeeper Tool you can get rid of the entire problem of the Mac computer or iMac Operating System very easily. It will scan the whole computer first and then remove the errors one by one completely from your system and optimize the performance of the system incredibly.

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