How to remove Mac entourage error 17099

Just like Outlook for Mac, Entourage is also a part of the MS Office developed for the Mac users. This application is also used to send or receive email messages. Entourage is a very advance email client developed for Mac but you can still get error issue while using this application. When you attempt to open the email or during the sending or receiving of the email messages you may get “Mac entourage error 17099” on your Mac computer. After the prompting of this particular error message you will not be able to access the stored data like emails, contacts, notes, journals, etc through this application. Due to the continuous sending or receiving emails through this application you may get this error code. So it is very important to fix this issue as soon as possible to access the application properly. You can use some manual methods for it or you can also use automatic troubleshooting like use of MacKeeper Tool in your computer.

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What are the possible causes –

Main cause for the prompting of this error code on your computer is the regular or continuous sending and receiving of emails using the entourage. You may also get this error due to the corruption in the entourage database, virus infection, improper installation of the entourage in your computer, etc. You can get the error code exactly as;

“Temporary Local Problem – Please Try Later.
Mail couldn’t be sent.
Error – 17099”

How to remove Mac entourage error 17099 –

  1. First of all verify the integrity of the Entourage Database.
  2. Rebuild the database to repair the entourage.
  3. Remove the cached preference of database and set it again.
  4. Run a strong antivirus tool on your computer.
  5. If possible then you can reinstall the entire Office for Mac.

Going through the above manual method you can easily resolve the issue of Mac entourage error 17099 on Your Mac computer. These steps should be done manually so you need to have a sound technical knowledge to do it. If you don’t have technical knowledge then you should not go through this manual method. You can use MacKeeper Tool to resolve this problem automatically.

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With the help of the MacKeeper Tool you can remove all the possible errors and corruption in the Mac. You can also repair the database of the various Mac components with this tool and enhance the productivity of the Mac incredibly.

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