Get rid of iTunes won’t open on my iMac error

You generally use iTunes application for any download or transfer of the files in your iMac. It helps you in many other functions also like recovery or repairing. You also use iTunes to download some new updates for your iMac with its iTunes store. But when you try to open the iTunes application in iMac sometimes then it won’t open and prompts a very annoying error message that “iTunes won’t open on my iMac error”. After the prompting of this particular error issue you will not be able to operate any functional process on your iTunes. So it is very important to fix this problem as soon as possible with the help of some manual or automatic way of troubleshooting. You can use MacKeeper Tool to resolve this hilarious situation automatically.

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Causes for “iTunes won’t open on my iMac error” –

iTunes won’t start on iMac error issue comes to your computer due to the incompatible version of iTunes, internet disconnection, incorrect Mac file system, incomplete installation of the iMac, incomplete installation of iTunes, logging with incorrect or invalid username or password, if Wi-Fi is out of range.

Get rid of “iTunes won’t open on my iMac error” –

If you want to fix iTunes won’t start on my iMac error issue then you should go through the following steps manually –

  1. Install a newer version of iTunes.
  2. You can also create a new user account.
  3. Switch to the new account and then open iTunes.
  4. If it is not opened then go to the further steps.
  5. Go to the applications and select utilities.
  6. Click on the launch disk utility.
  7. Select the system hard drive in disk utility window and click on the “repair permission”.
  8. You can now try to open the iTunes.

At the end of the above manual steps you will get rid of “iTunes won’t open on my iMac error”. But if the error is still coming to your computer then you must download MacKeeper tool to fix this issue automatically.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

MacKeeper tool will help you to troubleshoot the entire iTunes error issue automatically after repairing process. It will first scan the whole iMac and then start the automatic repairing process. It will also help you to optimize the performance of the iMac system incredibly.

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