Get rid of Mac Running Slow after Yosemite Update

Yosemite is the brand new Operating system version of Mac computer. You can use this OS to complete most of your personal or professional job with the help of Yosemite. It gives a good platform to the iOS and iCloud devices. The operating system gives continuity to the various Apple services. But sometime when you update your Mac to Yosemite then it gets very slow. In this condition you can get “Mac running slow after Yosemite update” error after the updating to Yosemite in your Mac. Yosemite is built in way that it captures most of the RAM memory. So to fix this issue you can use some manual or automatic troubleshooting methods. You can use MacKeeper tool for automatic fixing.

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What are the possible causes –

“Mac running slow after Yosemite update” comes in your computer due to many reasons like if the Yosemite version is outdated, improper installation of the Yosemite, incorrect virus database, lack of memory, insufficient RAM, incorrect system configuration, etc.

How to fix the “Mac running slow after Yosemite update”–

  1. You can run check disk find and repair the incorrect system configuration.
  2. Reset the system management controller.
  3. Reset PRAM.
  4. Clean the RAM using Disk Utility tool.
  5. Disable file vault.
  6. Free up the disk space.
  7. Decrease the spotlight items.
  8. Try to install the bigger hard disk.

By using the above manual steps you can easily fix Mac “Mac running slow after Yosemite update”. But to complete this manual process you should have a deep technical knowledge without which you may be victim of severe data loss. In this case you can use MacKeeper tool to fix the error automatically.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

MacKeeper tool will resolve the entire problem of Mac computer automatically. It will fix the whole issue with great efficiency after the complete scanning of the computer. You can also use this tool to optimize the performance of the Mac computer.

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