[Solved] App Store on IPhone 5 not working properly

iPhone is a very sophisticated device that helps you to connect with the people around the world and to make your work so easy with its applications. It has app store feature that gives you so many applications for your iPhone 5 to make it compatible with day to day life. But sometimes when you go to download any application using app store then it fails and gives you error message that “App Store on IPhone 5 not working properly”. It is a very frustrating situation that you cannot update your iPhone 5 using app store. It gives you complete blank screen when app store fails to load and doesn’t work properly.

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What are the causes for this happening –

Main cause for this issue is that when you try to update your operating system to iOS 6. It also happens due to the connection problem in your iPhone 5 or if date and time is not set properly. Sometimes some files in the background is going to be downloading and again you try to open your app store then in this situation “App Store on IPhone 5 not working properly” error also comes to your device.

How to fix this issue properly

Go through the following remedies to solve the problem:

  1. Set up your date and time properly on your iPhone 5.
  2. Close the app store completely and then retry to connect it again.
  3. Try to change your DNS settings for the proper connection of the internet or Wi-Fi.
  4. Completely close your iPhone 5 by holding the home button and power button simultaneously for 10 seconds and then switch it on again.
  5. You can change the language setting also to solve the problem of app store.
  6. If it doesn’t work then sign out of the Apple ID and then sign in again after a while using your Apple ID and password.

After the completion of all the above processes you will find that the problem of “App Store on IPhone 5 not working properly” is resolved and you are now able to connect with the app store. But in case if it is still not working then you must download MacKeeper tool to fix this issue.

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MacKeeper tool will scan and fix the entire problem automatically after scanning the whole device completely. This tool will also optimize the performance of your iOS device and it is compatible with almost every iOS devices.

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