[Solved] Mac Outlook 2011 Search Not Working

Sometimes you apply filter to a folder if you are using Outlook 2011 in your Mac. It is done due to easily search some emails, messages or other things very easily. But the problem is that you are unable to search emails, messages, task items, events and other items using this feature. At this stage you get an error message prompting on your computer i.e. “Mac outlook 2011 search not working”. This is such a critical error messages that stops the searching process completely. You cannot even search the items using spotlight feature in the Mac when this error occurs in your computer.

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What are the possible causes for the prompting of “search function is not working in Outlook 2011 –

  • If the spotlight search index is incomplete.
  • If the spotlight search index is corrupt.
  • If some special character is included in the identity name.
  • If parent folder is added to the privacy tab in the spotlight.

How to fix “Mac outlook 2011 search not working” –

Follow the steps below to fix the problem properly:

  1. Go to the apple menu.
  2. Select system preferences.
  3. Click on the spotlight.
  4. Click on the privacy tab there.
  5. A list of volume will be opened.
  6. If any volume is existed there that contains the Outlook data files then remove it from the list.

In this way you will be able to fix the issue manually and “Mac outlook 2011 search not working” will not prompt anymore on the screen of your computer now. But keep in your mind that this is a manual method that requires a great technical skill. Otherwise you will be a victim of severe data loss in the computer. At this stage you should use MacKeeper tool to fix this issue automatically.

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MacKeeper tool is the best tool to fix the problem in the Outlook for Mac very easily. With the help of this tool you can also repair other error problem automatically in the Mac. This tool is compatible with almost each and every iOS, Mac and windows device.

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