[Solved] mp4 won’t copy to iPad

In the world of technical advancement you always change your mood and use of the gadget with time. When you talk about entertainment then you use various phone to listen songs, music etc. If you are using an iPad to listen songs and you want to have your favorite songs on it from other devices then you have to copy or move those files. You usually use iTunes application for the copying process but sometimes it says you that “mp4 won’t copy to iPad” due to the incompatibility of the files or if the iTunes is not updated. However if you download the latest iTunes then you can transfer the files very easily. You can also download MacKeeper tool to fix this issue automatically.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

Solution –

If you want to copy the mp4 using iTunes then first of all download the latest version of the iTunes and go through the following steps:

  1. Connect your iPad to the computer using an USB cable.
  2. Launch the iTunes on your computer.
  3. Open the folder on your computer that contains the mp4 files.
  4. Now select the required mp4 files.
  5. Open the icon of the iPad in the iTunes pan and then drag and drop the files in the iPad window.

Now you will see that the problem of “mp4 won’t copy to iPad” is resolved and you get the entire mp4 files that you want on your iPad. But in case the latest iTunes also doesn’t support the files format and unable to move it to your iPad then you should use a third party tool that will convert the mp4 files to the compatible format for iTunes and then try to move the files using iTunes. You can download and install MacKeeper tool for this purpose.

Download MacKeeper Software To Fix Mac Error – 100% Tested and Virus Free Tool

MacKeeper tool is the best tool that is used to repair the error in iOS device applications and its components. The best thing is that it can automatically make your iTunes compatible to do the work as you want. It can also increase the performance of the iPad device.

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