Easy to Fix Mac error code 12

Mac error code 12 can appear in different circumstances, such as – if a user operates Google-chrome, then there are cases reported that while updating the Google-chrome there may exist a problem due to missing files resulting in an error code 12.The logic behind the use of Google-Chrome lies in the fact that it is faster and provides smooth searching experience, but the disadvantage is that the user needs to keep it updated, and that is where exactly, the error code 12 start existing.

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Also, there are cases reported that the error code 12 in Mac takes place in Macs that have Sims 3 game installed on. As far as this game Sims 3 is concerned, the error typically takes place due to less cramped memory space, which is not good enough to save the game.
Before the situation lead to final error mode, some symptoms can be noted, and from there the user should be attentive to address the error. One is advised to start treating the error just after he/she perceives the following symptoms –

• One lost his/her previously saved game file, or one is trying to save the game file but unable to do that.
• During start up, character or game textures loads in a manner that doesn’t looks familiar or normal.
• While one tries creating his/her Sims mode, or when one changes his/her family, the game is likely to take too much time to load or sometimes it can take forever to do so.
• Sometimes the game may stop suddenly and redirects the user back to one’s desktop.
• Sometimes the system becomes unresponsive, and one has to end up restarting the system.
• The user id and password for the game can desync from the game wall.
• The user can sometimes find it difficult even to log on to the game.

The points given above are just a collection of symptoms that you are going to face the Macintosh error code 12 in near future. If you don’t fear losing the saved data/files, the problem mentioned above can be fixed by just restarting the system. However, the users often ignore symptoms, because after all “it’s a game man! Who Cares?”

If the user has 32-bit system, then you have to have at least 3GiB RAM to play Sims 3 without any problem. So, it is advisable to extend your RAM, if you have not already and then perform these steps –
• Press the Windows button.
• Type Cmd in the search box.
• Right-click on Cmd.exe and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
• If one has 3GiB installed, then type: bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 2560
• If one has 4 GiB installed on his/her system, then type: bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 3072
• Now hit enter, close the command prompt and restart your Mac.

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The problem should be fixed by now, and if it is not, then one has got to use a repair tool to fix Mac OS system error code 12, one has no option but to use – MacKeeper – a fantastic repair tool for treating Mac error code 12, one will not regret using this tool, once he/she uses it. So go for it and let the error go the other way.

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