How to Fix Mac Outlook Error Code 17997

For the sending and receiving mails through Outlook on Mac you need to connect it with exchange server. With the help of this step you can easily exchange the mails to other location or other computer. But sometimes when you try to send a mail with the help of the exchange server in Outlook then it get fails and a message comes to your Outbox that “Mac outlook error code 17997”. This is so ridiculous that receiving of the mails is not affected but sending gets stopped. It happens due to the improper account setting in the Outlook on your Mac.

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What is the symptom –

Main symptom of this error code is the prompting of the error message after sending of mail fails. The error comes in the following way;

Can connect to Exchange server and receive mail, but when sending, the messages hang in the Outbox with error -17997, unexpected data was encountered.

How to fix the issue of Mac outlook error code 17997 –

To get rid of the issue of Mac Outlook error 17997, you should go through the following manual method:

  1. Click on the spot light search glass and type terminal and press enter to open the terminal.
  2. To delete the old preferences you have to type default delete com.Microsoft.Outlook.
  3. Now type killall cfprefsd. It will remove the cached preferences.
  4. Now try to launch the Outlook again.

After this process you will be able to access the sending and receiving of the mails very easily in Outlook and Mac outlook error code 17997 will not prompt on your computer anymore. In case if you are not able to remove this issue manually then you must use MacKeeper tool to fix the problem automatically.

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With the help of MacKeeper tool you can resolve the entire problem in Outlook for Mac automatically and very easily. This tool is compatible with any of the Mac or Windows devices. You can also optimize the performance of the Operating system with the help of this tool.

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