How to remove iTunes error 3150

iTunes gives you many functional features by dint of which you can transfer files among system or devices, repair the corrupt files, recover lost files, download applications or listen music anytime if you are connected with internet. But problem comes to you while you are downloading some software or music files from iTunes app store and suddenly it stops in the middle with prompting of iTunes error 3150 on your screen. This is a very shocking situation that this error code usually comes to you when internet connection is lost but the internet connection is in your computer is fine this time. So how to fix iTunes error code 3150 is a very big issue now. You can use some manual methods to fix this issue or you can also resolve this issue automatically by using MacKeeper Tool.

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What are the causes –

Incomplete installation of iTunes application, incompatible iTunes, internet disconnection, firewall settings that preventing you to download the software, corruption in the virus database, broken USB cable, damaged USB port, incomplete installation of the Mac OS, etc. are some of the main causes responsible for the prompting of iTunes error 3150.

How to troubleshoot iTunes error code 3150 –

  1. Open the setting preferences and click on the network.
  2. Click on the active connection.
  3. In the opening window click on the Advanced button.
  4. Choose the DNS tab and click on the + sign.
  5. Type and press enter.
  6. Click on the ok button and then exit.

With the help of this manual method you will surely be resolved the issue of “iTunes error 3150” on your Mac very easily. But it is a manual method and it requires a sound technical knowledge. So you should use MacKeeper Tool to resolve this problem automatically.

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MacKeeper Tool will scan the entire computer and fix the errors of your Mac and iTunes automatically. By using this tool you can repair the errors, reset the network configuration, change the firewall settings, reconfigure the account settings, etc very easily and enhance the performance of the compute incredibly.

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